Drive traffic from dating apps to OnlyFans seamlessly with OBH.AI - the AI Swiper Bot. Intelligent chatting, precise swiping, and smart unmatching for effective connections.

OBH.AI - AI Swiper Bot

AI chatting is an integral feature that OBH.AI offers to build connections with your matches. Through intelligent conversations, the AI engages with potential connections, creating a foundation for meaningful interactions. The chat functionality seamlessly funnels these connections to your social handle at the opportune moment, enhancing your overall engagement strategy.


OBH.AI's AI swiping feature is designed to match you with high-quality customers by strategically swiping based on specific criteria. This includes factors such as age, distance, bio keywords, occupations, and more. By employing advanced algorithms, the bot ensures that your matches align with your preferences, optimizing your chances of connecting with individuals who share common interests.

Smart Unmatching

Incorporating a smart unmatching mechanism, OBH.AI automatically addresses resistance or takes action once a match has shared their socials. This feature ensures that your interactions remain streamlined and relevant. By automatically unmatching profiles under certain conditions, the bot enhances efficiency and helps maintain a dynamic and focused network of connections.


Ensuring a human-like experience, OBH.AI prioritizes safety and user control. The bot allows for configurable scheduling and delays, providing users with the flexibility to tailor the AI's behavior according to their preferences. This not only enhances the authenticity of interactions but also adds an extra layer of security to the overall experience.

Browser Support

OBH.AI boasts compatibility with all Chrome and anti-detect browsers, ensuring a seamless and accessible experience for users. Whether you prefer a specific browser or utilize anti-detection measures, the bot adapts to your chosen environment, providing consistent performance across various platforms.


One of the key strengths of OBH.AI is its robust data analytics capabilities. The bot collects and analyzes data to provide valuable insights that can help you optimize your funnel. By understanding user behavior and the effectiveness of your interactions, you can make informed decisions to further enhance your overall experience with the AI Swiper Bot.