Bruqi - Best Onlyfans content protection service

About Bruqi

Bruqi stands as a formidable guardian for content creators, dedicated to safeguarding their creative works from unauthorized sharing and distribution. Employing a multifaceted approach, Bruqi employs a blend of advanced AI solutions and meticulous human verification processes to detect and identify instances of copyright infringement across the vast expanse of the internet. Through a network of custom-trained bots, tailored specifically to the type of content being protected, Bruqi diligently scours the web, scrutinizing links for any signs of DMCA-protected material.

Utilizing over 56 specialized AI scanning and identification tools, Bruqi leaves no stone unturned in its mission to uphold the exclusivity of its clients’ content. Upon detecting unauthorized sharing, Bruqi swiftly initiates DMCA takedown requests on the platforms where the infringing material is found. Achieving an impressive 87.9% success rate in DMCA takedowns, Bruqi ensures that illicitly shared content is promptly removed from circulation, thereby safeguarding the interests of content creators.

With an outstanding track record boasting a 98.9% search delist rate, Bruqi goes beyond mere removal of infringing links from search engine results. By de-indexing such links, Bruqi ensures that they become virtually unfindable, further fortifying the protection of its clients’ intellectual property. Moreover, Bruqi’s proactive approach extends to contacting the source directly, compelling them to remove the infringing content, thereby bolstering its commitment to preserving the integrity and exclusivity of creators’ works.