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Drive unlimited traffic to your OnlyFans with the automated Tube Method.

by AlexPublished: 14 Sep 2023
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In this article, we'll explore how automation can make your life easier, taking the Tube Method to a whole new level. Whether you're a seasoned creator or just starting out, this approach promises to not only enhance your online presence but also drive a steady stream of eager viewers to your profile. So, fasten your seatbelts, because we're about to unveil the secrets to automating success on OnlyFans!"

What is the Tube Method

The Tube Method involves uploading teaser videos to well-known NSFW tube sites such as Pornhub, with the primary aim of funneling the traffic to your Onlyfans page. By offering enticing previews of their exclusive content on these platforms, content creators can pique the interest of potential subscribers and entice them to explore more on their OnlyFans profile. This method leverages the vast and diverse audience of tube sites to effectively market and monetize adult content, allowing creators to connect with a broader fan base and potentially boost their earnings on the OnlyFans platform.

How to use the Tube Method

Here are the key steps to master the Tube Method and drive traffic to your OnlyFans.

Step 1 - Sign up & Verification

The initial step is to sign up on various Tube Sites that allow video uploads. Once registered, many of these platforms will request model verification. This verification process can range from something as straightforward as submitting a photo of yourself with a piece of paper to more intricate methods, such as OnlyFans' face ID and document checks. Essentially, you must complete this verification process, although there's also the option of letting your model handle it by providing her with the login credentials for verification on your behalf.

Step 2 - Create Content

Now that we've successfully verified our accounts, the next crucial step is content creation, which is often a significant challenge for models and agencies. There are several approaches you can take when it comes to content. Firstly, you can create entirely original content specifically tailored for these platforms, producing new videos exclusively for them. Secondly, you have the option of posting condensed versions of your pay-per-view (PPV) videos. This involves taking existing content from your OnlyFans and editing it down; I'll provide guidance on what to retain and what to remove. Thirdly, you can explore the option of utilizing the 18+ TikTok niche. Essentially, this entails sharing your TikToks with a spicier twist. Among these choices, I recommend utilizing your existing PPVs and crafting enticing teasers by trimming them down.

How to make teasers

So, how can you go about creating these teasers? First, you'll need video editing software. Premiere Pro is a great option but it can be expensive, but there are also free alternatives like DaVinci Resolve, CapCut, and VideoPad. You'll want to craft a video that lasts between 40 to 80 seconds, as this seems to be the ideal duration for enticing viewers on tube websites without revealing too much upfront. The key is to generate curiosity without giving away too many details; after all, you want people to click on your links. Take a longer video and cut it into three segments: one with the model dressed, one topless, and one in action. Edit out the transitional parts, essentially creating a sequence where the model's attire magically changes. This approach captures viewers' interest and encourages them to click on the links. It may sound straightforward, but it's quite effective.

Step 3 - Drive Traffic to Onlyfans

Now, let's focus on driving traffic from tube websites to your OnlyFans page, which can be accomplished in two distinct ways. The first method involves embedding a direct link into your video. Utilizing your video editing software, you can strategically place a clickable link in the corner or at the top of your content. Here's a critical point where many agencies stumble: it's essential to use your own Custom Domain instead of relying on platforms like Linktree or Beacons. This ensures that you have full control over your links. If, for any reason, a service like Linktree decides to exclude OnlyFans creators, your video won't lead to a dead link. Acquiring your own domain, which typically costs just $10 to $20, is a smart move. Incorporate this domain link into your video, making it easy for viewers to access your OnlyFans page with a simple click. The second approach is equally convenient, as most of these tube websites allow you to place links in your profile bios and even beneath your videos. They've streamlined the process of directing traffic from their platform to your OnlyFans page, making it user-friendly and efficient.

Automate the Tube Method

The Tube Method, though effective, can often be a monotonous and time-consuming endeavor. First, there's the painstaking process of creating profiles on various tube websites, each requiring its own set of registration and verification steps. This can be a real test of patience, especially when juggling multiple platforms. Once the profiles are set up, the arduous task of uploading content comes into play, which involves meticulous editing and adaptation of videos to fit each site's guidelines. Here's where the grind truly hits: submitting videos one by one, often a repetitive and tedious task. Fortunately, many have turned to automation tools to streamline this process, making video submissions more efficient and sparing creators from the relentless cycle of manual uploads. While these tools can offer relief, the Tube Method still demands dedication and persistence, especially in the pursuit of success in the adult entertainment industry.

Tube Sites Submitter screenshot
Upload videos automatically to hundreds of tube sites in minutes with Tube Sites Submitter

The Tube Sites Submitter is a straightforward and effective tool designed to handle the automated creation of profiles across a multitude of tube websites. Additionally, it streamlines the process of automatically uploading your videos to numerous tube sites. While its primary focus centers on these two essential functions, it boasts a wide array of additional features to enhance your experience.

Tube Sites Submitter features:

  • More than 325 tube sites available
  • Auto and Manual registration
  • Submit videos by niche categories
  • Status report after registration to tube sites


So, that's a wrap on the Tube Method for leveling up your OnlyFans game! We've gone through the essential steps: signing up, spicing up your content, and funneling traffic from tube sites. But hey, let's be real, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Creating profiles and uploading content can be a real snooze-fest. That's where the magic of automation tools comes in to save the day. But remember, making it big in the adult content world takes grit and persistence. As you venture forth with the Tube Method, keep these nuggets of wisdom in your back pocket. Here's to turbocharging your online presence and raking in those OnlyFans rewards!

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