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Earn money on OnlyFans without being a Model or Agency with CPA Networks

by AlexPublished: 03 Nov 2023
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In the world of making money online, there's a unique way to earn cash by helping people who share content on OnlyFans. You don't need a formal contract with them or an agency. Sounds interesting, right? But there's a tricky part – figuring out how to do it. We're going to explore this challenge in our blog post and share a cool solution with you. So, if you're curious about making money in a simple way by promoting OnlyFans creators, keep reading to discover the answer.

The Problem of OnlyFans Affiliate/Referral Program

OnlyFans has taken the online world by storm, offering content creators an enticing opportunity to share their unique content, connect with their audience, and monetize their talents. For models, it can be an incredibly profitable platform, with the potential to earn substantial income based on the number of subscribers they attract. Many creators on OnlyFans have seen remarkable success, building dedicated fan bases and securing financial independence.

However, there's a notable gap in this ecosystem. Unlike many other online platforms and businesses, OnlyFans doesn't have an official affiliate program that rewards marketers for bringing in new subscribers. This missing piece of the puzzle leaves a void for those interested in earning money by promoting OnlyFans creators. While models can thrive on the platform, the same level of profitability isn't readily accessible for marketers, at least not through an official affiliate channel.

This unique challenge begs the question: Can there be a way to tap into the profitability of OnlyFans for promoters, without the structure of an official affiliate program? The answer lies in exploring alternative methods and strategies that can enable individuals to capitalize on the platform's immense potential while maintaining their independence and freedom in the process. In the following sections, we will uncover some innovative solutions that could pave the way for a more lucrative path as an OnlyFans promoter, despite the absence of an official affiliate program.

CPA Networks for OnlyFans

In the world of online marketing, where creativity and innovation are the keys to success, one solution has emerged to bridge the gap for those seeking to profit from promoting OnlyFans creators. Enter CPA (Cost Per Action) platforms, which present a game-changing avenue for marketers looking to harness the profitability of the OnlyFans phenomenon. These platforms offer an innovative alternative to the traditional affiliate model, enabling individuals to earn money by driving specific actions, such as subscription sign-ups, without the need for official partnerships or contracts with models.

CPA platforms have gained traction as a dynamic solution, allowing promoters to monetize their efforts effectively. By connecting marketers with content creators on OnlyFans, these platforms open up new horizons, enabling individuals to earn commissions based on successful conversions, making it an attractive prospect for those looking to cash in on the lucrative potential of this industry.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of CPA platforms, exploring how they work and how they've revolutionized the landscape for OnlyFans promoters. We'll discuss the benefits, challenges, and opportunities they present, providing valuable insights for those seeking to navigate the world of online marketing and carve out a profitable niche in the realm of adult content promotion. So, if you've been searching for a solution to tap into the earning potential of OnlyFans without formal affiliations, stay tuned, because CPA platforms might just be the key to unlocking your financial success.

Advantages of CPA Networks:

  • No Need to Recruit Models: With CPA networks, you don't have to go through the time-consuming process of finding and recruiting models for your promotion efforts.
  • Efficient Tracking and Reporting: These networks often provide robust tracking and reporting tools, enabling you to monitor your performance and optimize your campaigns.
  • No Agency Setup: You don't have to establish or manage a formal agency, saving you from the complexities and administrative tasks associated with running an agency.
  • No Manual Payments: CPA networks handle the payment process for you, ensuring you receive your commissions without the need for manual payments or financial management.
  • Independence: You maintain your independence as a promoter, allowing you to choose how and when you want to promote without being tied down by formal affiliations.
  • No Content Production: You're not responsible for creating any content. The content is already produced by the OnlyFans creators, so you can focus on marketing and promotion.
  • Diverse Promotional Opportunities: CPA networks offer a variety of promotional methods, allowing you to explore different strategies and channels to maximize your earnings.
  • Scalability: CPA networks offer the potential for scalability, allowing you to grow your promotional efforts as you become more experienced and successful.

How it works?

In the world of digital marketing, CPA (Cost Per Action) networks have emerged as a powerful tool for earning money by promoting OnlyFans models. These networks simplify the process, making it accessible to affiliates without the need for contractual obligations or model recruitment. If you're interested in venturing into this profitable space, here are the steps to guide you on your journey to success:

Best CPA Networks

CPA NetworkModels AvailableRevsharePayout
OnlyTrafficOver 60 models25-35%Crypto
Affiliate OF2 at the moment30-40%Several Options
CrakRevenue6 at the moment35%Wire and Paxum


OnlyTraffic is a well-established CPA platform that offers a comprehensive and invaluable resource for affiliate marketers seeking success in the OnlyFans promotion space. With a curated list of OnlyFans models working on the platform, it equips marketers with essential details about each model, including their content, style, themes, and categories. This wealth of information empowers marketers to make informed decisions, selecting models that align seamlessly with their target audience's interests and preferences. It's a data-driven approach that ensures that each promotion campaign is tailored to maximize engagement and conversions.

What truly sets OnlyTraffic apart is its commitment to personalized guidance and support. With a dedicated team of experts at your disposal, the platform goes the extra mile to assist affiliates in identifying models with the highest potential for their specific circumstances. These experts take into account an affiliate's experience and the nature of their traffic, offering tailored recommendations that can be the difference-maker in driving success. This level of support is an invaluable resource in a constantly evolving industry, ensuring that affiliate marketers can navigate the complex world of OnlyFans with confidence and make the most of their promotional efforts. With OnlyTraffic, success is not only achievable but also optimized for each unique affiliate.

OnlyTraffic Transactions page
Example of transactions page at OnlyTraffic

OnlyTraffic it's not just a platform for marketers; it welcomes models and agencies into its fold as well. This versatility makes OnlyTraffic a comprehensive hub for all key players in the ecosystem, ensuring that everyone, from content creators to marketing experts and agencies, can find a place to thrive.

So, whether you're an affiliate marketer looking to promote OnlyFans models effectively, a model seeking to expand your audience and revenue, or an agency managing multiple creators, OnlyTraffic provides a one-stop solution that caters to the diverse needs of the dynamic online content industry. This inclusivity further enhances its appeal, making it a go-to destination for all those looking to make their mark in the realm of OnlyFans.


  • Detailed analytics
  • Wide selection of models
  • Everything is automated
  • Promotional content readly available


  • Payment only in Crypto

Affiliate OF

Affiliate OF stands as a pioneering platform in the realm of OnlyFans affiliate marketing, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features tailored to elevate, collaborate, and monetize content. At the heart of its offering lies a dynamic dashboard, meticulously crafted for user convenience, allowing affiliates to effortlessly organize campaigns and track progress in real-time. This intuitive interface not only streamlines workflow but also provides a clear snapshot of performance metrics, empowering users to fine-tune strategies for optimal engagement and revenue generation.

Affiliate OF Models page
Affiliate OF Available Models Page

Moreover, Affiliate OF fosters a vibrant community of like-minded affiliates and models, fostering effortless collaboration and synergy. By connecting individuals with shared goals and interests, the platform facilitates the creation of partnerships that propel content to new heights. Through secure transactions and transparent processes, Affiliate OF ensures a trustworthy environment for all stakeholders, instilling confidence and peace of mind as affiliates and models navigate the lucrative landscape of OnlyFans monetization. With its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to success, Affiliate OF emerges as the go-to destination for those looking to thrive in the realm of affiliate marketing within the adult entertainment industry.


  • Detailed analytics
  • Everything is automated
  • Several Payment Options: Crypto, Revolut, Bank Transfer and Paypal
  • Promotional content readly available


  • Small selection of Models


CrakRevenue is a well-established CPA platform that has made significant waves in the affiliate marketing industry. While it is renowned for its success in various affiliate marketing niches, it has recently extended its reach to the dynamic world of OnlyFans. This expansion represents a strategic move that aligns with the growing interest in OnlyFans promotion, where the opportunity to capitalize on the platform's popularity is more prominent than ever.

CrakRevenue OnlyFans Offers page
Offers page at CrakRevenue

One of CrakRevenue's most notable achievements is its partnership with several world-renowned OnlyFans creators. By collaborating with these influential figures in the adult content space, CrakRevenue brings a unique level of expertise and authenticity to its affiliate offerings. This not only serves as a testament to CrakRevenue's commitment to providing high-quality content but also paves the way for affiliates to access some of the most sought-after models in the industry. As a result, affiliates can tap into the fan bases of these celebrity creators and explore campaigns that are both lucrative and engaging.


  • Industry-leading CPA Network
  • More payment options


  • Small selection of Models
  • KYC Required

How to promote OnlyFans

Regardless of the models' locations or backgrounds, a significant portion of the revenue is contributed by these users. Models, or those managing their accounts, predominantly use English for communication, as it serves as the primary language on the platform.

The primary traffic funnel strategy for OnlyFans can be broken down as follows:

  1. Subsequently, they encourage their followers to make the transition to OnlyFans, enticing them to subscribe for exclusive content and interactions.

It's crucial to understand that users seek a blend of communication and content. This distinguishes it from the adult entertainment industry, where users typically seek explicit content. In the context of OnlyFans, the primary focus revolves around creating meaningful connections with users, often described by marketers as "properly warming up the customer."

Within this niche, conditionally free traffic (UFT) has proven to be an effective approach. It's worth noting that platforms such as Instagram and TikTok can act as barriers to direct traffic flow to OnlyFans, leading to the utilization of intermediary platforms like Twitter or LinkTree.

Reddit serves as a prominent platform where models share their photos in specialized subreddits and elevate their visibility by purchasing upvotes to attract more traffic to their profiles.

Every marketer employs their distinct strategies, funnels, and methods. However, experience shows that users are more likely to subscribe and make purchases when they have been exposed to a model's content and properly engaged beforehand. This "warming up" process can occur on a Twitter page, a mini-landing page, or a LinkTree. In some cases, presenting multiple models for user choice becomes relevant, especially in scenarios where multiple campaigns are running for various models on the platform. This approach can be particularly effective for Google searches where users have no specific model preferences.

Furthermore, there are platform sites available for model placement and ad purchases, each with its unique nuances and undisclosed strategies. Some notable examples include,,,, and others. These platforms also serve as valuable resources for generating traffic for models.


In conclusion, the intersection of CPA networks and OnlyFans has opened up an exciting realm of opportunities for both content creators and marketers. OnlyFans has proven to be a lucrative platform, allowing models to monetize their content and engage with a global audience. CPA networks, on the other hand, provide a streamlined path for marketers to promote these creators without the need for complex contracts or agency setups.

The advantages of using CPA networks are clear: they eliminate the need to recruit models, produce content, or manage contractual relationships. This innovative approach enables marketers to tap into the earning potential of OnlyFans by focusing on effective promotion and audience engagement.

In this ever-evolving industry, the synergy between CPA networks and OnlyFans has created a win-win scenario. Models gain increased visibility and subscriptions, while marketers seize the opportunity to earn commissions by effectively promoting these creators. This unique partnership exemplifies the dynamism of the digital era, where innovative solutions continue to redefine the landscape of online entrepreneurship. As technology advances and new strategies emerge, the future of CPA networks and OnlyFans promises even greater potential for growth, evolution, and profit.

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